The Works

Cleansing the eyes, (trimming excessive fur whenever necessary).

Cleansing the ears, (using antiseptic liquid/powder to cleanse and remove fur from the ear canal if necessary).

Trim nails with a dremmel, (this tool and technique safely shortens the nails).

Sanitary Cut, (trim excessive fur around the “private areas”).

Customized shampoo cocktail, (fur type and condition of skin will determine which combination of shampoo use for treatment).


Whirlpool bath, combined with therapeutic massage to “work it in”, and check for any problem areas on the body.

Teeth Brushing and oral examination.

High force, hand dryer, (useful to check the condition of skin, hot spots, flees, etc.).

Shed-less Treatment, (helps to reduce shedding for 3-4 weeks)

Customized or AKC cut.

Wellness Check, (based on my Oriental Medical, Dental and homeopathic experience, this is a basic health check up).

Medical History Chart, (A history of findings are kept to date here. Example: The size, location and degree of progression of lumps, bumps, bruises, yeast or bacteria growth, infection, periodontal findings, etc.).

$$ Prices vary, so call for an estimate.

Additional Services:

No pick up or drop off.

I will allow my clients to drop off/ pick up their fur babies at my private grooming salon for a $15 discount.

Pet sitting/boarding

Mobile Pet Grooming in Nashville, TN and the surrounding community

Call or Text Kelly at: 615-756-5882


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