A Little Autobiography and Mission:

I was born, raised, and educated in the Sherman Oaks, California and I now call Nashville, TN home!

Most of what I’ve learned was not learned in a traditional way, but through life’s miraculous journey.

My parents were gracious, trusting and loving. They taught me about true love and the miracle of life.   They were committed to God, each other, our family, friends and the community. Watching them live their lives made a deep impression on me from a very young age.

I watched suffering produce more strength and love for life.   The reality of Gods loving kindness, and tender mercy has carried me through this beautiful journey.

I try to live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto other’s as you’d have them do unto you”.

Love is the best cure of all. I know that first hand.   This is why I purpose to extend my best to you, dear friends and clients.

I hold to a high standard of integrity and standard of excellence, and promise to provide the best of myself each time I’m asked to provide services.

May all of God’s blessings be yours today and forever.

Kelly Jones,
Going To The Dogs Mobile Grooming

Your Nashville area pet groomer, and wellness consultant

Mobile Pet Grooming in Nashville, TN and the surrounding community

Call or Text Kelly at: 615-756-5882

E-mail: sprinter350@yahoo.com

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